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It's finally here!  The long awaited release of a break-through educational product has arrived.  Students can finally tune to a seminar in which they can watch the instructor and the presentation area at the same time.

Recorded live in California, this course offers beginner and intermediate traders an opportunity to learn stock trading from one of the most respected and well-known traders in world.


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Stock Trading Course contains four 90-minutes CDs

Best selling author and the three-time winner of the Hedge Hog stock trading contests, Tony Oz, has put together a multimedia educational program that combines digital video and screen captures with live trading scenarios.

This course is the first to offer digital video and live screen captures at this high of resolution.  Students can finally see the details of the images crystal clear!

This course is designed to improve your trading.  The best thing about this course is that you can skip and replay segments as you wish.  And you don't even have to pay 10% of  the cost of attending a live seminar which you cannot replay as you wish. You don't have to spend $5,000 to get this course.  In fact, the retail price is only $599.00, but for a limited time only, you can save $200, and get the course for the incredibly low price of $399.00.  
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At the Wealth Expo on 3/12/2005, this is what Tony Oz had to say about this course: "I don't hold any live stock trading seminars anymore.  I have no reason to do so because my complete stock trading system is now available in a format which gives the end user a great value.  The best thing about this Stock Trading Course is that a student can skip and replay segments as he or she wishes.  They cannot do that in a live stock trading seminar.  And since my approach to stock trading is exactly the same as featured in the course, it's definitely relevant to today's market." 

G.N. from Los Angeles wrote to us that Stock Trading Course "is well worth the money and absolutely essential"

In a review, R.T., a professional stock trader from San Diego said, "It is an entire stock trading system rolled up into a little package."

C.M. sent us an update email that said, "I just wanted to let you know that if in the future you get someone else asking the same question that I did, re: Should I purchase the CDs You can let anyone know that someone else wrote in earlier with that question and after several months and watching the CDs several times and learning from them every time, that it is a "YES" 

"This course is worth every penny and much much more. Tony Oz is one of the primary reasons why I now trade for a living" ~ Mikhail at Traders Expo, NY 2/13/2005.

"Once you read one of Tony Oz's books, or watch the course on CD, you are hooked...I personally learned more from Tony's CD course than from all the books and seminars I attended combined.  And I've read at least 20 books and attended many seminars before I got my hands on this course." ~ Beth Jackobson at Traders Expo, NY 2/13/2005.

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